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If there is something that fan bases will always fall for is the talk of assets and cap space. I should say every fan base except for the Washington Wizards. Unlike the New York Knicks fan base, Wizards fans NEVER believe that they’ll ever convert assets or cap space intoRead More →

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This year’s NBA Playoffs have been some of the best, and most unpredictable, in years. It’s led us to two second round Game 7s. Portland at Denver 3:30 ABC This series might be the best out of all the second round series. Despite the last two games being blowouts, GameRead More →

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Eastern Conference Semifinals Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Both teams dispatched their opponent in four games but the two series were far from being the same. The Bucks made short, rather easy work, of the Detroit Pistons who were without Blake Griffin in the first two games. Even when pressedRead More →

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Part of the NBA’s “charm”, if that is what you want to call it, it’s players, coaches, and fans are petty. No sport does petty like the NBA. That’s a compliment, it really is. It’s good for business in today’s day and age. We have long past the era ofRead More →

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With the Draft Lottery done, the out of work conspiracy theorists can put their pens down and move to looking at what player fits best where. So without further ado… Boston Celtics There was no need for luck from the leprechaun. The Brooklyn Nets were bad enough to enable BostonRead More →

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Fifteen years have come and gone and we still talk about. Some use it as a punchline. Others use it as the predecessor of the tired argument that the NBA is run by players not the coaches. Fifteen years later and if you say “practice”, thoughts of Allen Iverson immediately comesRead More →

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The Monday Morning Sports Rag takes a look at events that the average fan might have missed over the weekend. Sacramento King’s Guard Darren Collison Suspended – Sacramento Kings guard, Darren Collison, has been suspended 8 games after pleading guilty to Domestic Violence . Maurice  Joseph named George Washington’s Mens BasketballRead More →