NBA Trophy

Milwaukee breezed through their series with the Celtics. The Raptors needed a miraculous shot by Kawhi Leonard to win Game 7 against Philadelphia. Game one will provide an interesting answer to the question. Did the Bucks get too much rest? Will Toronto be both physically and emotionally spent? Either way,Read More →

Lillard Driving vs the Nuggets

Both the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers got here the hard way. The Kevin Durant-less Warriors went to Houston and, once again, ousted their rivals on the road. Portland went to Denver and won Game 7 after being down 17 in the first half. Keys for Portland DamianRead More →

NBA Trophy

This year’s NBA Playoffs have been some of the best, and most unpredictable, in years. It’s led us to two second round Game 7s. Portland at Denver 3:30 ABC This series might be the best out of all the second round series. Despite the last two games being blowouts, GameRead More →

Dame Lillard and Jamal Murray

Western Conference Semifinals Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets When the season started, I don’t know if too many experts thought these two would be playing for a spot in the Western Conference finals. Sure, Portland has a dynamic back court but would eventually lose Jusuf Nurkic to injury. TheRead More →

NBA Playoffs

Eastern Conference Semifinals Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Both teams dispatched their opponent in four games but the two series were far from being the same. The Bucks made short, rather easy work, of the Detroit Pistons who were without Blake Griffin in the first two games. Even when pressedRead More →

Sixers logo on their court

Part of the NBA’s “charm”, if that is what you want to call it, it’s players, coaches, and fans are petty. No sport does petty like the NBA. That’s a compliment, it really is. It’s good for business in today’s day and age. We have long past the era ofRead More →

John Wall

The Washington Wizards went up 2-0 on the Atlanta Hawks after their 109-101 victory but there still is an important question to ask? Are the Wizards mature enough to put their foot on the Hawks’ neck? After all the strutting, chest bumping action, the series starts to get real inRead More →

NBA Playoffs Logo

Yesterday, Making the Cut took a look at the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Today we take a look at the West. There’s only one question for the Western Conference playoffs, can anyone beat Golden State? Even though the question seems to have an obvious answer, the WesternRead More →

NBA Playoffs Logo

The NBA playoffs are about to get started and as much as people mock how long they take, it serves as a bridge to college basketball so I’m not hating. So, without further adieu, here are my predictions. First Round Eastern Conference (1) Boston Celtics vs (8) Chicago Bulls RegularRead More →