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The Terps almost fell in their first week in the number one spot but they were able to pull out a victory against the Fighting Illini. Maryland (10-0) Louisville (9-0) Ohio State (9-0) Duke (9-1) Kansas (7-1) Gonzaga (10-1) Virginia (8-1) Michigan (8-1) Kentucky (7-1) Baylor (7-1)Read More →

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We are about to embark on our first set of holiday tournaments. It’s not unreasonable to expect a couple of the current top 10 teams to lose this week. Duke (4-0) Louisville (4-0) Maryland (3-0) Virginia (3-1) Michigan State Kansas (2-1) Gonzaga (4-0) North Carolina (3-0) Kentucky (2-1) Oregon (4-0)Read More →