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We are still getting used to the Eastern Conference post-LeBron James era. The Miami Heat and Boston Celtics represent organizations that work on the sum-of-all-parts model, as opposed to, the team-up-superstars model. There’s nothing wrong with either one. It shows the diversity of ways organizations can build a successful team.Read More →

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If there is something that fan bases will always fall for is the talk of assets and cap space. I should say every fan base except for the Washington Wizards. Unlike the New York Knicks fan base, Wizards fans NEVER believe that they’ll ever convert assets or cap space intoRead More →

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The Boston Celtics were on top of the world last night as they destroyed the defending champion, Golden State Warriors, 128-95. What made it even better for them was the performance of prized free agent pick up, Gordon Hayward. Two years ago, Hayward was Boston’s main acquisition via free agency.Read More →

Kyrie Irving

It may seem that every year, there’s another big named free agent that has the interest of the Knicks and the free agent eventually spurns them for a more successful organization. NBC Sports’ Dan Feldman is reporting that Kyrie Irving will be the Knicks’ target next offseason. Unlike the pastRead More →

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With the Draft Lottery done, the out of work conspiracy theorists can put their pens down and move to looking at what player fits best where. So without further ado… Boston Celtics There was no need for luck from the leprechaun. The Brooklyn Nets were bad enough to enable BostonRead More →