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NBA Day 11 Picks

Yesterday was one of my best bubble days. An impressive 4-1 record with the only loss coming in the Portland game.

Speaking of that, Dame Lillard isn’t to be messed with. His response to Paul George and Patrick Beverley’s over the top celebration, was classic Dame.

Today’s Picks:

Washington Wizards +9.5 vs Oklahoma City Thunder

The Wizards are 0-5 in the bubble and has officially been eliminated from playoff contention. But all isn’t loss. Thomas Bryant and Troy Brown Jr. have been highlights for Washington.

Dennis Schroeder’s absence has been felt by the Thunder. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has been the most impacted by without Schroeder’s absence. It’s forced Gilgeous-Alexander to play more at the point guard position.

Washington +9.5

Memphis Grizzlies +5.5 vs Toronto Raptors

The worst thing that happened to the Grizzlies was the Raptors playing so poor against Boston. Toronto hasn’t clinched the second seed yet so they still have something to play for.

Toronto -5.5

San Antonio Spurs +3 vs New Orleans Pelicans

Not much was said about the Spurs coming into the bubble but that has all changed. They have a chance to pass the Pelicans today with a win.

So much was expected out of New Orleans coming into the NBA Bubble with conspiracy theorists surmising that the NBA would find a way to “fix” a Pelicans-Lakers first round.

San Antonio +3

Orlando Magic +9  vs Boston Celtics

Boston has an outside shot at the second seed. Orlando is still trying to catch Brooklyn for the 7th  seed in the East.

Boston -9

Philadelphia 76ers +3 vs Portland Trail Blazers

Ben Simmons is out for the rest of the season. That leaves a major hole for Philadelphia.

Lillard and the Trail Blazers should be ready to go after their loss to the Los Angeles Clippers yesterday.

Portland -3

Houston Rockets -5.5 vs Sacramento Kings

How long can Houston survive being destroyed on the boards?

The Kings haven’t been able to put it together in the bubble and they sit last in the west among the teams in Orlando.

Houston -5.5

Brooklyn Nets +14 vs Los Angeles Clippers

This could be a tricky line. How much will the Clippers have left after yesterday’s win over the Trail Blazers and how much will they care about today’s game beyond winning? With the line in double-digits the Nets could backdoor cover.

Brooklyn +14

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