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McClung Settles on Texas Tech

Mac McClung announced his transfer to Texas Tech via his social media account.

McClung had trimmed his list to seven teams before he announced his intentions to head to Lubbock. Many expect McClung to apply for waiver. CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish seems to think that McClung laid the groundwork for a waiver while Jeff Goodman warned that it isn’t a done deal.

The choice is certainly an interesting one considering Texas Tech’s calling card in defense and that’s not exactly a strong suit to McClung’s game. Many think that the move to a defensive-minded program will help McClung close that gap in his game.

The problem with that is, why wouldn’t he have put in that effort at Georgetown? Why would it need transferring to another program to be committed to improving his game.

Lets assume McClung will see extended time at point guard. Wouldn’t it serve him well to sit out the season? It would give him an entire year to practice at the point and learn how to run an offense not centered around him.  If he doesn’t sit the season and plays time at point, he will have to learn that on the fly. That’s possible early in the season when the Red Raiders are playing opponents that they’ll blowou

It’s much different doing it against high level competition on a team that’s expected to make the tournament. It will be important that he learn not the dribble the air out of the ball and play without the ball in his hands. Is it feasible? Absolutely. But that takes commitment to undo a playing style you’ve used your whole career.

If there’s a coach who can make it work it’s head coach Chris Beard but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been done at Georgetown.

It just means that McClung wasn’t committed to doing it.

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