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Georgetown Basketball: Akinjo and LeBlanc Leave Progam

The news that James Akinjo and Josh LeBlanc flooded social media late yesterday afternoon. It would also open up the floodgates of allegations and legal woes currently present within the program.

According to reports, LeBlanc along with Galen Alexander and Myron Gardner have been served restraining orders stemming from an allegation of sexual assault, harassment and burglary.

Timeline of Allegations:

September 15th: Myron Gardner allegedly sexually harassed and assaulted accuser.

September 16th: Gardner, LeBlanc, and Alexander allegedly robbed the victim’s home.

November 5th: Complaint filed against LeBlanc was alleged burglary (September 16th)

November 12th: Separate complaint filed against Gardner from sexual harassment and assault.

November 20th: Nov. Court grants a preliminary injunction against LeBlanc and Alexander.

Akinjo’s transfer request is unrelated to the allegations tied to his teammates.

There is no official comment from Georgetown beyond the initial Press Release.

Akinjo and LeBlanc, along with Mac McClung were supposed to be the defining recruiting class of Patrick Ewing’s tenure. They didn’t disappoint in their freshman years as all three players made profound impacts on the program.

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