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NBA: Reaction to GM Survey (Offseason Moves)

We continue to look at NBA GM’s Survey and give you our top Offseason Picks.

Which team made the best overall moves this offseason?

NBA GMs: LA Clippers (82%)
Making the Cut: New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans pick ups should serve this for the present and the future. Yes, the Clippers are much better in the short term but New Orleans’ trade with the Los Angeles Lakers along with getting the number one pick puts them at the top of the list.

Which one player acquisition will make the biggest impact?

NBA GMs: Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Clippers (67%)
Making the Cut: Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers

This was a tough one but Davis edges out Leonard because of LeBron’s age. The Lakers were going nowhere even with James. They need a franchise changing trade and that’s what they got with Davis. Leonard and, to a lesser extent, Paul George will be subject to a reduced schedule. Will Doc Rivers and the Clippers be able to pull off what Toronto did last season? Jury is still out.

What was the most underrated player acquisition?

NBA GMs: Mike Conley, Utah Jazz
Making the Cut: Jerami Grant, Denver Nuggets

Denver is coming off their best season in years. With the core coming back, they needed to be smart with who they would add to Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. Grant is the perfect fit for them.

Grant’s offense continues to improve but he isn’t a high usage player. This is perfect for Jokic and Murray. Can you see Grant on the business end of a Jokic pass? Get used to seeing Grant finish at the rim quite a bit this season.

Which team will be most improved in 2019-20?

NBA GMs: Los Angeles Lakers
Making the Cut: Dallas Mavericks

Year two Luka Doncic plus a healthy Kristaps Porzingis is a pretty good start to the land of improvement. Seth Curry is an underrated addition to the roster. If Porzingis can continue to grow and Doncic makes another step, the Mavericks will be competing for a playoff spot.

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