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After a crazy week one that saw the Browns get humbled and the Saints-Texans play an instant classic, we’re here with our Power Rankings.

  1. New England Patriots – One of the best teams in the league got a top receiver for free. Yes. FREE. Provided that Antonio Brown acts like he has sense, the Patriots might be able to make up for the loss of Rob Gronkowski. New England needs every bit of fire power they can get because the Kansas City Chiefs are lurking.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs look poised to take over for the Pats before they got the news that Tyreke Hill will be out four to six weeks. Still, Andy Reid is one of the greatest offensive minds of this generation. This might be the best chance for him to get back to the Super Bowl after being so close last season
  3. Philadelphia Eagles – After falling behind by 17, the Eagles showed what their offense (and defense) can be.
  4. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys have all of the makings of a team ready to make a Super Bowl run. A dominant running game. A wide receiver that can threaten the edge of your defense and a hungry quarterback looking to get off his rookie deal. If Jerry Jones doesn’t manage to tick anyone else off about their contract, the Cowboys could finally make it back to the Super Bowl.
  5. Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints (tie) – Both teams deserve to be somewhere in the top five but both of them had wins the produced more questions than answers.

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