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FIBA World Cup: The Team You Didn’t Want to Love

Admit it. You didn’t want to love this team. You obsessed over who wasn’t there instead of who was there. They were the JV team.

Team USA heads into the quarterfinals (knockout stage) at 5-0. With the exception of the game against Turkey, they’ve grinded their way to comfortable wins.

This team is built on defense, rebounding, and hustle. It is easily one of the most likable current national teams among all of the US national teams.

If they win the FIBA World Cup, this team should be celebrated just as much as our gold medal winning Olympic teams.

It won’t be an easy road. Team USA will play France in the quarterfinals. With a win they will play, pre-tournament favorites, Serbia or the team currently playing the best, Argentina. Back to back wins against those teams should give this team instant credibility.

The US has officially qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

That’s why we need to appreciate this team in the moment because you best believe you won’t see most of them in Tokyo.

In 2020, you will see the big guns play for Team USA. The Olympics provide two major things. One, the schedule is shorter than the FIBA World Cup. And two, the exposure the players get on the world stage is incredible.

The 2019 World Cup team will be forgotten by the time 2020 Team USA is on the gold medal podium.

That’s why we should seize the moment. Lets show love for the team that we didn’t want to love.

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