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New Three Point Line; Kenyon Martin Jr.

It’s good to see that the NCAA got out of the Dark Ages when it comes to the three point line. Better late than never… I guess.

News came out this week that the three point line with use the International Distance of 22 feet, 1¾ inches in men’s basketball. By extending the three point line, there will be more drivable lanes on offense. This should encourage more ball movement. The impact on three point attempts remains to be seen. Most seem to think there will be a sizable difference in attempts and shooting percentage. Time will tell and coaches get used to having more space on the floor.

That wasn’t the only positive change. The shot clock will reset to 20 seconds when getting an offensive rebound. Sixteen seconds would have been more reasonable but changing it to 20 seconds is a move in the right directions.

Kenyon Martin Jr. committed to Vanderbilt last week. Now he’s de-committing… well sort of. Martin Jr. has decided to pursue professional basketball instead. There hasn’t been a report that has indicated where he will play but it seems to be a good decision for him.

As for Vanderbilt, it doesn’t put a monkey wrench into a solid recruiting class by first year head coach, Jerry Stackhouse. With that being said, there should be a signal to the NBA and it’s Player’s Union to speed up the process of how they want to deal with “none and done’s”.

It’s assumed that the NBA will eventually lift the “one and done” requirement but it’s better for the league to have a comprehensive plan in place before doing so. It’s important for the NBPA, Commissioner Adam Silver, and the NBA Governors to get this right.

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