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Live Blog: Alantez Fox vs Nick Brinson Undercard

Live from the DC Entertainment and Sports Arena, we have fight night in Washington DC.

Tonight’s main event is Alantez Fox (24-1-1) vs Nick Brinson (19-4-2). This was originally a Dominic Wade card but he dropped a few days ago. Tiara Brown’s (7-0) bout with Angel Gladney (10-14-1) is the co-main event. Not too often do you get to see the recipient of Police Officer of the Year fight.

I’ve also been told that the Sam Crossed vs Larry Pryor fight is off. Don’t have details.

First Fight features Taurean Venable (debut) against Jonathan Conde (0-2).

Venable knocked out in the first round (1:31) in his debut. Went to the canvas twice. Rough start for the locals.

The first fight ended so soon, I’m thinking about getting something to eat… I’m just kidding (I’m not kidding).

Anyway, up next is George Harris (2-0, 2 KOs) vs Antwwaun Taylor (4-10)

Harris off to a fast start in the first putting Taylor on the canvas twice. He finishes it off in the second round with a knockout. Taylor counted out 1:08 into the second round.

Renaldo Gaines (9-2) of District Heights, MD faces Eduardo Melendez (5-25). Don’t see 25 losses all that often… nor should you. I love how they referred to Melendez as a veteran of 3o fights. HA!

The first round of this fight might be the best two-way action we’ve seen so far. Gaines won the round but both fighters landed clean shots. The second round was just as good as the first. Gaines established himself a little more but Melendez was also able to score. Good fight so far.

Third round saw Melendez score inside very well and might have taken the round. It was a close round. The fourth round saw Melendez establish himself a little more. Scorecards should be interesting because outside of the first round, the other rounds were pretty close.

Gaines wins by unanimous decision 39-37,39-37, and 40-36.

Undefeated Patrick Harris (15-0) faces Anthony Woods (10-23). Woods’ nickname is “Psycho”. Don’t know how well you carry that with 23 losses.

Harris controlled the first round with some crushing body shots. Pretty easy round to score.

Woods’ spent the second round running…. literally. But all good and bad things must come to an end. Woods tired and Harris landed some crushing blows. When Woods got back to his corner, he slumped over like he had just finished running 400M. Well… maybe he did.

I don’t know what Woods was told in the corner but now he’s completely shifted to wanting to fight… sort of. He just got docked a point for holding. Make that two points. And another point.

And it’s over. Woods has been disqualified. Easy work for Harris tonight.

Jordan White (7-1) will try to keep the Washington D.C. area streak going as he faces Christian Esquivel (30-17-1).

Unlike the previous fights, it looks like both fighters have defined game plans besides knock the guy out. White controlled the first round as both fighters tried to go to the body. Esquivel can’t win this fight back-peddling.

Throw everything I said about the first round out of the window. The second round was tremendous as the fighters took turns controlling the pace of the fight. Non-stop action in the second round.

The third round was just as good as the second. White briefly hurt Esquivel but the Mexican responded and landed some good punches of his own.

It looked like a knockdown near the end of the round but it was ruled that White landed the punch after the round. Not sure about that.

Rounds four and five were carbon copies of the first three rounds.

Oddly enough, the first half of the sixth round seemed to be more measured by both fighters. But the last minute or so, White landed some of his best shots of the day.

To the scorecards we go…

White wins 59-55 and 60-54 (twice).

That ends our live blog of the undercard fights.

More to come once the two main events begin.





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