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Simmons’ Tree Grows in Brooklyn in Game 3

Part of the NBA’s “charm”, if that is what you want to call it, it’s players, coaches, and fans are petty. No sport does petty like the NBA. That’s a compliment, it really is. It’s good for business in today’s day and age. We have long past the era of “just the facts Ma’am”.

There’s no doubt that the Nets were a bit “cheesed off” about the Sixers press conference after their Game 2 win. Joel Embiid had hit Brooklyn Nets big man, Jarrett Allen with an elbow that should’ve been a Flagrant 2 foul. Embiid and Ben Simmons made the situation worse when the two Sixers stars laughed while “apologizing” during the press conference. Caris LaVert was spot when he called their impromptu comedy act “kinda disrespectful“.

It became apparent that well-traveled NBA survivor, Jared Dudley, didn’t think that was a strong enough assessment. The serial tweeter decided he would take a shot back at Simmons during an interview.

Of course, Simmons wouldn’t take this lightly and he hit back with the always classic ‘who is that guy’ response. “That’s coming from Jared Dudley,” said Simmons.

Did it end there? Of course not. This is the NBA. Prior to Game 3, Nets fans decided to get one more shot in.

But in the end Simmons would have the last laugh. With Embiid sidelined, Simmons would put up an all-world game, dropping 31 on the Nets. What’s even more impressive is he did it on 11-13 shooting from the field and 9-11 from the free throw line. He dominated the game in every aspect.

Asked if he was motivated by Dudley’s comments, Simmons responded ““I don’t really have energy for it man”.

But this is the NBA. It’s the King of Petty. You best believe everyone will have energy for more.

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