NFL Wild Card Weekend

NFL Wild Card Predictions

This weekend the NFL’s second season begins and we are here for predictions!

Houston -1.5 vs Indianapolis

Andrew Luck has made an incredible comeback this season and deserves a ton of credit. It comes to a crashing end this weekend. The Texans will get plenty of pressure on Luck and force him into, at least, two interceptions.

Houston -1.5

Dallas -2 vs Seattle

Seattle comes in with a high a level of confidence and a past Super Bowl winning quarterback. Being on the road shouldn’t be that big of a deal to the Seahawks. Dallas’ fate falls in the hands of Ezekiel Elliott. If he has over 115 yards rushing, Dallas wins. If he doesn’t, it’s another early exit for head coach Jason Garrett.

Seattle +2

Baltimore -2.5 vs San Diego

Yes. The Chargers are on the road. Yes. it’s a west coast team coming East to play a 1 pm game. But how in the world is Phillip Rivers an underdog to Lamar Jackson in a playoff game? There’s no excuse for Rivers if they lose on Sunday. If he’s the Hall of Famer everyone claims he is, the Bolts win.

San Diego +2.5

Chicago -6 vs Philadelphia

Somewhat like the Ravens-Chargers game, you’re taking a young quarterback vs. a veteran. And in this case, the veteran won the Super Bowl… last year. Unlike the Ravens-Chargers game, this is solely based on the Bears defense. It’s understandable for the Bears to be favorite. It doesn’t make much sense that they’re favored by this much.

Philadelphia +6

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