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Not a bad week for Marcus “Mook” Washington from Making the Cut.

It got off to a rocky start with the Houston Texans pick but a miracle Push by the Seahawks helped the day be palatable.

Sunday was a banner day with San Diego and Philadelphia not only covering but winning outright.

Kansas City (-5.5) vs Indianapolis

On the surface, the number seems small until you consider three things. One, the Chiefs playoff history under Andy Reid isn’t the best. Two, the Colts are playing really well. And, three, it seems like things haven’t been quite right for the Chiefs since Kareem Hunt got jettisoned.

Andrew Luck being healthy along with a solid running game behind Marlon Mack has made the offense more potent. Defensively,  I don’t know if anyone expected the Colts to be this good.

But games aren’t played on paper and this is a game where you want to run to the smell. People are going to load up on the Colts. Heck, many might take them outright.

They would be wrong.

Kansas City -5.5

Los Angeles Rams (-7) vs Dallas

This is a tough line. A full touchdown line has two distinct possibility. For the underdog Dallas, this could wreak of a backdoor cover or a push. Same goes for the Rams. Late in the game and up a touchdown, they could simply get a first down and kneel.

Like the Chiefs-Colts game, the underdog has the momentum. Dallas has played well in the second half of the season while the Rams were 4-4 in their last eight.

Dak Prescott looked like a playoff quarterback and the question is, can he do it two weeks in a row?

Dallas has a running game and a defense and that tends to travel especially in the playoffs.

Dallas +7

New England (-4) vs Los Angeles Chargers

Before the season started, I thought Los Angeles would win the AFC West. That didn’t quite happen but the Chargers are playing well at the right time of year. Unfortunately for them, they have the New England Patriots. Chargers quarterback, Phillip Rivers, is 0-7 vs Tom Brady. Add in the health of Melvin Gordon and this could shape up to be a blowout.

It pains me but…

New England -4

New Orleans (-8) vs Philadelphia

This is a Week 11 rematch. In the first meeting, the Saints handed the Eagles a 48-7 beating in the Dome.

This was before Nick Foles took over for the injured Carson Wentz and started working his magic. But this could come down to the Eagles defense and how they handle the Saints running game.

Even if they can contain Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram, there’s this guy named Drew Brees. Heard from somewhere that he’s pretty good.

The defending Super Bowl champs are confident and that could be enough to keep this one close.

Philadelphia +8


Playoff Record: 2-1-1

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