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NBA G-League Growth Needs to Continue

The NBA G-League’s Winter Showcase has wrapped up but now the real work begins. NBA executives will pour over all their evaluations to determine how they’ll go forward with their minor league team. Timing of the Showcase is key. NBA owners place the event in advance of the 10-day signing period and two-way guarantee deadline.

Las Vegas served as the home to this year’s event. That makes all the sense in the world as the city as been a successful host for the NBA Summer League.

As with anything new, constant innovative and creative ideas are still needed.

Standings Should be Based on Points

This is not to suggest that players don’t play hard but the old Continental Basketball Association used a point system to determine their standings. Teams would get one point for each quarter they win plus three points to the winner. That would give a max of seven points a game. This puts a premium on every quarter played not just the game itself.

Coaches would have to balance how to win a quarter while having sensible rotations throughout the game. The excitement it would cause would give a boost for those in attendance. In game experiences have helped launch the resurgence of Minor League Baseball. A lot has centered around entertainment, giveaways and theme-night jerseys.

The NBA G-League doesn’t need all that. A Point System Based standings system would be a great start.

Exhibitions With Top European Teams

The NBA started doing this in the 1970s. It grew throughout the 1980s but once the 1990s got here, it started receiving less fanfare. In fact, probably most NBA fans don’t know that the NBA still does it during their exhibition season. That’s why this should be passed on to the NBA G-League. The exposure the players would get would serve them well.

Remember, the players in the NBA G-League are mainly looking for professional basketball careers. That’s different from just saying an NBA career. Sure the NBA is the number one option but it’s not the only option. A look by European coaches and scouts would serve a purpose for all involved including the players.

A select NBA G-League team represented USA Basketball in the FIBA World Cup. This would fall in with that line of thinking.

Doubleheader With the Parent Club

Wouldn’t it be great if the NBA had a three week period where each team would host a doubleheader with their NBA G-League team? A three week window would help alleviate any scheduling snafus.

Fans would have the opportunity to see their corresponding NBA G-League team close up. Plus the ticket would give fans two games for the price of one. That would drive fans to the arena, even if they only came for part of the NBA G-League game. The exposure for the league would go a long way in fan familiarity. In turn, it would help the product out.

Value Added

The NBA G-League is “value added” to the NBA. There are players in the NBA G-League that are familiar to fans from college. The like of Grayson Allen, Donte DiVincenzo, etc. are cutting their teeth in the NBA’s minor league. Once fans to realize that some of their favorite college players were playing NBA G-League would be “value added” to the NBA.

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