Through the Uprights: Top College Football Picks

After a lot of texts each Saturday morning, Marcus “Mook” Washington and his boys CP and BDub have decided to share picks, and occasionally texts, in a column we like to call “Through the Uprights”

In the spirit of the column, we’ll pick three games. Of course, one of us (ahem), took four. I’m hating Iowa State more than liking Oklahoma State. Yes Jalen McClesky transferred 15 minutes ago and Iowa State has played close games against good competition but the Cowboys at home is too much to pass up.

When UCF isn’t creating mythical National Championships, they’re playing like a team that can blow out any non-Power 5 school in the country. It’s hard not to like them at home against a dreadful SMU team. Well… it’s hard if  you’re not BDub who hit me with the “I’m on the other side” text. Don’t know if I should laugh or cry at that. I round out my picks with Hawaii covering by more than a field goal against Wyoming. BDub is on the same side as me on that one.

BDub was ambitious and took for games. The two referenced above plus he likes Miami (Fl) -13.5 and Boston College +5.5. Remember when the Canes and Noles were must see tv? Man… that game might get previewed after the first 45 commercials on ESPN’s College Gameday. BDub shows how much of a trusting heart he has in the BC game. Not that I think BC is a bad pick. It’s the fact that I would trust a dog not to touch anything in a butcher’s shop before I would trust either one of these teams. So, I guess it’s logical to take the team that is getting points.

I have to give it to my man, CP. He went with all power conference games with two having national implications. LSU-Florida is tough enough but he’s also picking OU/Texas. Which Texas team shows up. The one that lost to Maryland? That would sour all the fried Oreos being consumed by patrons in burnt orange.

So to recap:


Oklahoma State -9.5 vs Iowa State

UCF -24 vs SMU

Hawaii -3 vs Wyoming


SMU +24 at UCF

Miami (Fl) -13.5 vs Florida State

Boston College +5.5 at NC State

Hawaii -3 vs Wyoming


LSU -2.5 at Florida

Oklahoma -7 vs Texas (N)

Stanford -3.5 vs Utah

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