Notre Dame Golden Dome

The AP Poll was released on Sunday and the fear flew out of the Social Media Universe.

The only reason Notre Dame is ranked number 3 in the AP Poll is because they’re Notre Dame. The networks are making the voters put Notre Dame in the top 3 for ratings. This generally comes from the same people who say no one cares about Notre Dame anymore. Go figure.

The Fighting Irish are three in the country because … wait for it… they deserve to be number 3 in the country at this time. I stress… at this time. Who knows what happens to Notre Dame over the last few weeks. The amount of travel left for the Fighting Irish makes each game have its own individual challenges. Their schedule is a mix of different offensive schemes from Navy’s option to USC’s passing game.

But, for now wins over Michigan, Stanford, and at Virginia Tech loom large. All were ranked when the Fighting Irish played them. But, even with their tough schedule you still find respected media in the industry propagating inaccuracies. This one courtesy of Tim Brando.

Brando’s assessment conveniently ignores Notre Dame’s Strength of Record. It’s obvious that Brando likes to hold on to the myth that is Notre Dame gets all the breaks. If they did, they would have the 1993 National Championship that they earned but facts be damned.

I’m sure Seth Walder isn’t making this up because he wants to help the networks or he’s overcome by Notre Dame’s history.

So while Brando and his legion of Notre Dame detractors continue to spew nonsense, the Fighting Irish will continue to navigate one the nation’s most difficult schedules. A schedule, that even if they went undefeated, could leave them outside of College Football’s playoff. No different than Central Florida whose schedule doesn’t even register on anyone’s radar.

How you ask? If you assume that Alabama and Clemson run the table, and why wouldn’t you, they are in. Heck, a loss for Alabama, to say LSU, will still get the Tide in and it puts LSU into play. The third team undoubtedly will be Michigan or Ohio State if they win out. This is despite the fact that Notre Dame beat Michigan earlier in the season. All it takes is a second SEC team or a Big XII team and Notre Dame is on the outside looking in.

A loss eliminates Notre Dame. Despite what people want to believe, Notre Dame’s pressure is no different than any other team outside of the Power 5.

Will that make Brando and his clan scream how unfair the system is to Notre Dame? Probably not. It wouldn’t fit into the manufactured narrative that has taken on a life of its own.

All these years later and the fear of the Golden Dome is alive and kicking.

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