ALCS Preview

ALCS Preview: Astros vs Red Sox

Defending champs vs Best regular season team. This series is appointment TV with the Red Sox pointing out that they’re underdogs despite having a better record.

The Astros won the season series 4-3 with a three run differential. That’s how close the two teams have been.

As strange it this sounds, it doesn’t seem like Houston has received the love befitting of a defending champion. That could be the combination of Boston and the New York Yankees having successful season.

That chip on their shoulder will play a huge role in the series. The Astros are tough to get out. No, they don’t mash the ball but just about every at bat is a quality at-bat. Alex Bregman almost unstoppable in the Indians posting video games numbers (.556 BA, .714 OBP, 1.333 SLG and 2.048 OPS).

If you believe that the pitching cancels each other out, the Astros has the slight advantage with the bats.

Houston in 6

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