Kyrie Irving

Will Kyrie to the Knicks Happen?

It may seem that every year, there’s another big named free agent that has the interest of the Knicks and the free agent eventually spurns them for a more successful organization. NBC Sports’ Dan Feldman is reporting that Kyrie Irving will be the Knicks’ target next offseason.

Unlike the past failures, this one actually has a chance. As you see more and more top flight free agents take less to have a chance for a ring, Irving did the exact opposite. He forced his way out of Cleveland and ended up in Boston. The Celtics are in prime position to replace the Cavaliers as the “Beast of the East” yet Irving won’t commit long term yet. Why?

The only answer is Irving wants to be the “reason”. In Cleveland, the “reason” was LeBron James. In Boston, the “reason” will be because Danny Ainge has made brilliant moves in the front office. That’s why going to the Knicks makes so much sense. If the Knicks have any type of success, Irving will be built up as the “reason” for the rebirth of an organization that he grew up in the backyard of. There couldn’t be a better situation than that.

The Knicks will have competition though. Irving could re-sign with Boston or go to the Nets. Ask Stephon Marbury how his move to the Nets worked out for him? The Knicks would also give Irving the chance to be the leader in the locker room. Plus, he’ll get to play with star in the making, Kristaps Porzingis. This would be drastically different than playing with LeBron James. Porzingis doesn’t dominate the ball out on the perimeter. This will allow Irving to pound the air out of the ball and make every decision out on the floor. This would be the situation he’s craved for since James came back to Cleveland.

So Knicks fans, you have permission to go crazy. Talk about how the Big Apple will be relevant again as soon as they get Irving. It’s ok. Just don’t go overboard and say they’ll get both Irving and Kevin Durant. That would be full blown Knicksonian.


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