Joshua vs Klitschko

15th Round: Klitschko vs Joshua Live Scoring


Wladamir Klitschko vs Anthony Joshua Live Scoring

Wembley Stadium is jam packed with over 90,000 to witness what should be a very good fight.

1st round

The first round was definitely a feeling out round. Battle of the “jabs” but Joshua did slightly more than Klitschko. It will be interesting to see if Joshua tries to shoot to the body more as the fight goes on.

Joshua 10-9

2nd round

Klitschko started the round by landing a solid right to the face of Joshua. Joshua has settled down in the round and starting to find more of a home for his jab. Not really anything to the body this round from Joshua

Joshua 10-9

3rd round

Joshua starts out being more active backing Klitschko up. Joshua throwing combinations and is going back to the body. All of the punches aren’t landing but Klitschko is backing up and not throwing back. You have to wonder if Klitschko trying to save some for the middle to later rounds.

Joshua 10-9

4th round

Klitschko opens around round with a vicious 1-2 and it seems to have slowed Joshua up early on. Joshua fires back with his own overhead right but Kiltschko has assumed control of the round. Joshua would be served to fire that right to the body even more. Best round of the fight by Klitschko.

Klitschko 10-9

5th round

This time Joshua comes out fast!! Klitschko is down!!! All power punches by Joshua. Klitschko is cut over the left. Klitschko did land a really good left. You wonder if Joshua is a little punch weary. And now Joshua looks hurt. Both fighters firing!!! Both look exhausted!

Joshua 10-8

6th round

Klitschko came out bouncing on his feet. Klitschko lands another big right. It’s landed time and time again. Joshua looks very tired. Now Klitschko shoots his own shot to the body and to the head and now Joshua is down!!! Joshua looks hurt. The right hand still has a home and Joshua is struggling mightily. Could knocking down Klitschko been a bad thing for Joshua?

Klitschko 10-8

7th round

Klitschko’s jab once again is finding a home. Klitschko throwing that left hook quite a bit. Will it land big? Earlier in the fight, Joshua was jabbing with the jabber. Now he’s yapper and the jabber lands his jab. Joshua finally facing adversity and he hasn’t dealt with it well thus far. And, of course, Joshua lands a shot (laugh) but still Klitschko’s round

Klitschko 10-9

8th round

Klitschko, again, starts off the round better. Joshua finally goes back to the body in the round. Where has that been? But as Joshua paws the jab while Klitschko lands his. Close round but I give the edge to Klitschko

Klitschko 10-9

9th round

Been some back and forth in the round. Klitschko landing some jabs but Joshua is investing in the body and Klitschko seems to have slowed down a bit near the end of the round. The body work by Joshua wins this round

Joshua 10-9

10th round

Joshua tries to come out fast. He’s throwing more jabs and, hey, there’s a counter right. But, Klitschko is going nowhere. Looks like there was a head butt in the round. Klitschko did nothing in the round. Joshua wins it

Joshua 10-9

11th round

Joshua starts the round on fire and Klitschko is holding and going backwards. Lets see is Joshua doesn’t get punched out like his last fast start. UPPERCUT by Joshua followed up and Klitschko is down. OH MY!!! Straight right. Klitschko down again after Joshua pressures him again. What a big round by Joshua. And it’s stopped!!! Joshua beats Klitschko in any exciting heavyweight fight!!!

Joshua 10-7

Joshua’s uppercut was the punch that did Klitschko in. What heart showed by both fighters. We learned a lot about Joshua’s heart and resolve. Deontay Wilder… were you watching?

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