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FIBA EuroBasket 2017 Qualifiers

On August 31st, 27 nations will compete in the 2017 EuroBasket qualifier. The tournament will consist of 27 teams in six groups of four and one group of three. The group winners plus the top four teams will qualify for EuroBasket 2017.

The groups go as follows:

Group A: Belgium, Iceland, Switzerland, Cyprus
Group B: Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark
Group C: Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden
Group D: Poland, Estonia, Belarus, Portugal
Group E: Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kosovo
Group F: Georgia, Montenegro, Slovak Republic, Albania
Group G: MKD, Hungary, Great Britain, Luxembourg

Team that have already qualified: Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Spain and Turkey.

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